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Launch your teen’s business journey.

Empower your high school homeschooler with the tools to turn their business ideas into reality for FREE!

This is a live, in-person program in Colorado Springs that meets on Tuesdays from 9 AM to 3 PM, August 2024 through May 2025




What is the Boring Business Academy?

Most successful business owners own “boring “ businesses. No great risk, technology or innovation. Simply products that people buy every day. They run their businesses with timeless “boring” principles of providing great value and operating with integrity.

Contrary to its name, no business is boring at Boring Business Academy.

Whether it’s a lawn mowing service, landscaping, or honing a specific skill to market, we provide a platform for real success.

Boring Business Academy is a FREE, unique homeschool enrichment program tailored for Colorado high school homeschoolers, designed to teach them how to start and grow their own business.

Our curriculum, crafted by seasoned business owners, combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring our students learn from real-world experiences.

Program Structure


9 AM to 3 PM every Tuesday, beginning August 2024


34 weeks x 6 hours = 204 hours


An instructor will lead each week and cover various business topics


There are projects throughout the program but never any mandatory homework

Program Location

Mountain Springs Church

7345 Adventure Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Not a day goes by when I don’t apply one of the business principles I learned from Chris (founder of Boring Business Academy). He gave me the courage and knowledge to start my own business. All these years later, it’s grown into a seven-figure business and a lot of that success I owe to Chris Coughlin.

John Crist,
Comedian and Business Owner

As a mother of four teenagers, I truly appreciate how the Boring Business Academy provides a comprehensive education on starting and growing a business. It’s more than just business skills; these are essential life lessons that all teens should learn, whether or not they choose to start their own businesses.

Lisa Ruman
Mother of Four Teenagers

What students will learn

We believe everyone should at least explore owning their own business. Of course, it is not for everyone, but it should be explored before deciding. The potential lifestyle and financial rewards are tremendous, all while having control of your destiny.

Intro to Business

Understand how to set up a business, various structures and business types.

Creating a Product

Know how to create and craft a product that will be ready to market.

Sales & Marketing

Learn how to position and market your product and your offers.

Money & Financials

Understand how a business makes money and operates it’s financials.

Building a Team

Learn how to hire, what to look for, different positions, and build a team.

Scaling a Business

Gain an understanding of what it takes to grow and scale a business.


Q1 Business Basics: Discover the Power of Entrepreneurship
Q2 The Riches are in the Niches
Q3 Building YOUR Business
Q4 Marketing YOUR Business

Q1 Business Basics: Discover the Power of Entrepreneurship

  1. Registration / Orientation
    1. Class Expectations
    2. Overview of Course
    3. Field Trips/Events
    4. Project
  2. What is an entrepreneur?
    1. Reasons to start a business
    2. Purpose
    3. Can I really do it?
    4. Should I do it?
      1. Lifestyle pros and cons of entrepreneurship
  3. Practice makes perfect
  4. Entrepreneur Purpose and Mindset
    1. Profit is not a dirty word
    2. The trend is your friend
    3. Sell what people want to buy
    4. Bring value while profiting
    5. Buy low, sell high
    6. Keys to long-term success
  5. Key Business Terms and Ideas
    1. Business Dictionary
    2. Terms/phrases you need to know
    3. Get familiar with the terms and understand how they are used
    4. Terms Quiz
  6.  Networking
    1. LinkedIn
      1. Be proactive
      2. Follow-up after events
      3. Elevator Pitch
      4. Practice with each other
  7. Business Models
    1. Business Models
    2. Dozens of different ways to bring value and profit
    3. Inc 5000
      1. Identify interesting and more
  8. Business Models Pt. 2
    1. Review of different types of models
      1. Product
      2. Service
        1. SaaS
      3. Subscription
      4. Rental
      5. Reselling
  9. Fundraising / Capital Structure
    1. Investors
    2. Angel
    3. Venture Capital
    4. Bootstrapping (which is what we will do)
    5. Equity
    6. Loans
    7. Kickstarter
  10. Contract Law Basics – Terms and Definitions
    1. Guest Speaker
    2. Applying for Licenses and Permits
      1. Staying legally compliant

Q2 The Riches are in the Niches

  1. Core values discussion and workshop
    1. Developing your core values
    2. Leading a team
      1. Hiring/Firing
    3. Leadership
      1. Styles
      2. Video
    4. Unified Vision
  2. Business Plan
    1. Market Research
    2. Idea Customer Profile ( ICP)
    3. Minimal viable product overview(MVP)
    4. Lean Startup Methodology
      1. Scalability
    5. Customer Pain Points SWOT Analysis
    6. Product and niche initial decisions
    7. Business Structure and Liability
      1. LLC, Nonprofit, Corporation, Partnership Business Registration
  3. Develop a Pitch
    1. Video
    2. Students create and submit slides
    3. Present Pitch
  4. Marketing
    1. Writing persuasive copy
    2. StoryBrand Copy Framework
  5.  Marketing
    1. Video
    2. Fundamentals
    3. CRM
      1. Overview
      2. Tools
      3. Video
      4. Training and practice
        1. Video
  6. Marketing
    1. Video
    2. Websites
  7. Marketing
    1. Construction and Creation
    2. SEO Strategy
    3. Quality Blog Content
  8. Marketing
    1. Video Marketing
    2. Social Media
      1. The cruel but useful tool
  9. Marketing
    1. High Performing emails
    2. Building a list
    3. Cold emails
    4. Email funnels
    5. Video
  10. Small Business Financials
    1. Understanding a P&L statement
      1. Video
    2. Understanding a balance sheet Cash flow vs profit
      1. Practice creating a P&L Statement
  11. Semester Review
    1. Concept Review
    2. Final

Q3 Building YOUR Business

  1. Semester Business Project
    1. Overview
      1. Not everyone will want to actually start their business but all will take it to the point where they could
    2. Goal is sales
  2. Creating a team
    1. Workshop
      1. Business partner – pros and cons How to pick and not to pick
    2. Creating a one-page business plan
  3. How to Utilize AI
    1. AI Business based business ideas Day-to-day business applications
      1. Branding
      2. Marketing
      3. Website
  4. Market Research – Idea generation
    1. Passions, skills – what good or service can I sell at a profit? Demand analysis
    2. Competition research
    3. Trend
    4. How will it be sold
    5. Pricing
    6. Cost
    7. Pro forma P&L
    8. Workshop
      1. Market Research
  5. Business Plans
    1. Keep building from week 21
    2. Where to start? Product and offers
    3. Implement a simple business plan format
    4. Workshop
      1. Develop an initial business plan
  6. Business Name and Brand Guest speaker
    1. What is your brand?
        1. Brand is not only a name. It’s the essence of who you are to the marketplace.
    2. Business Name
    3. Domain Name
    4. Workshop
      1. Create your own
        1. Name
        2. Domain
        3. Brand
          1. Students develop their brand
  7. Business Registration
    1. LLC Creation
    2. EIN
    3. Banking
    4. Trademarking your business name and website URL Filing for a copyright
    5. Guest speaker

Q4 Marketing YOUR Business

  1. Marketing Execution
    1. CRM
      1. Hubspot
    2. Workshop
      1. Contacts
    3. Email Marketing
      1. Content
      2. Campaign
    4. Lead gen vs direct sales
      1. This goes with the website
  2. Marketing Execution
    1. Digital marketing
      1. Overview
      2. Website basics
      3. Writing persuasive copy
    2. Workshop
      1. Website Creation
      2. Framework for writing effective, persuasive website, ad, and email copy
  3. Marketing Execution
    1. SEO
    2. PPC/social media marketing Video
    3. Closing a sale
    4. Workshop
  4. Workshop Day
    1. SWOT Analysis
    2. Work with other groups
    3. Small group business plan presentations
    4. Receiving feedback
      1. Get it right, don’t be right
  5. Budgeting
    1. Workshop
    2. Budgeting and cash flow projections
    3. Create a P&L Statement
  6. Business Portfolio
    1. Workshop
    2. Prep for presentations
  7. Business Presentations
    1. Workshop
      1. Business Presentations
      2. SWOT Analysis
      3. Sales
      4. Sell me your business
  8. Final Day
    1. Review and Celebrate Businesses!

Fall 2024 Program Guide

Download the Fall 2024 Program Guide for more information about the enrichment program.




Curriculum Overview


Program Expectations



I first met Chris (founder of Boring Business Academy) when he coached one of my sons almost 20 years ago. We became immediate friends and eventually business partners. I love the idea of Chris combining his passion for coaching, impacting the next generation and entrepreneurship.

Vance Brown
Co-Founder of The Classical Academy, Bear Trap Ranch and Exponential Impact

Chris has a brilliant mind for business and is able to see what others can’t see. Every time I speak with him I walk away with a new way of looking at our business challenges. Whenever I need a fresh idea or out of the box thinking, I go to Chris!

Mano Watsa
Owner of PGC Basketball

Transform education into real-world success

In a world that demands more than just memorizing textbooks, high schoolers often lack practical skills for the future.

Traditional education may not prepare them for the challenges of entrepreneurship, leaving them at a disadvantage.

Boring Business Academy fills that gap and equips students with the skills to succeed in the real world.

By the time a student finishes the program they will:


Gain a sense of whether owning a business brings them purpose and is a career consideration.


Either have an operating small business or have gone through each step of launching one.


Have the mystery and fear taken out of starting a low-risk business.

Meet the team

Trevor Miller

Trevor Miller

A devoted husband and father, Trevor is deeply passionate about education and entrepreneurship. With a degree from Biola University, he has earned recognition as Teacher of the Year at The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs. He has also led an educational-based start-up, Tagg Education. Graduating from the esteemed Leadership Program of the Rockies, his innovative teaching methods and commitment to student success distinguish him in the field.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Trevor and his wife volunteer with the youth group at Woodmen Valley Church. His passion for positively influencing young lives has brought a lasting impact to many students.

Chris Coughlin

Chris Coughlin

A course for emerging entrepreneurs can only be led by an expert, which is why Chris Coughlin is the perfect fit. A husband and father of three, he has started, invested in or coached over 100 small businesses. He also has over 20 years of youth and high school sports coaching experience.

His esteemed football coaching clinic company, Glazier Clinics, has helped more than a half-million coaches improve their abilities, allowing young athletes to win in sports and life. Chris currently volunteers at Springs Rescue Mission and is active with the Youth Strategy Committee at Mountain Springs Church.

How it works

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Frequently asked questions

So, what is a “boring” business exactly?

Did you know that most successful business owners own “boring businesses”? These contrast with trendy companies in the news that rely on high tech, high innovation, high risk and large amounts of money. We will be teaching about businesses that anyone can start with low risk and significant earnings. This could be a lawn mowing/landscaping business or numerous other services. It could be developing one specific, valuable skill and selling that expertise in the marketplace, or other ideas. We will explore hundreds of business types while interviewing dozens of successful entrepreneurs in this homeschool enrichment program.

What makes this course unique?

College will provide theoretical ideas for entrepreneurship, while the Boring Business Academy brings in incredible guest speakers who built businesses from the ground up. Our lead instructor, Chris Coughlin, has started, invested in and coached over 100 start-ups. Each student will have the chance to develop a business plan, build a website and end the course with either a functional business or an actionable path to owning their own company.

Where will the instruction take place?

Since this isn’t your typical business course, we plan on making this an adventurous program for our students. Our standard location will be in Central/Northern Colorado Springs*, and some weeks we will travel to local businesses for lessons from other owners outside of our regular space. All times and locations will be communicated in advance, as we understand you have busy schedules.

*With at least 10 students, we are open to cohorts in other Front Range communities.

Will there be homework?

There are projects throughout the program but never any mandatory homework.

What if my student doesn’t want to become an entrepreneur?

Not everyone wants to start a business, but it’s our professional opinion that everyone should at least understand the benefits that successful entrepreneurship provides.

Is this course only for high school-aged students?

We know how valuable this curriculum will be in preparation for real-world application, which is why it is open to grades 9-12. We are open to motivated middle school students but would like to speak with them first. Should there be enough demand we could start a middle school cohort.

Will you be using social media in this course?

While many of us despise social media, we know how critical it is as a business tool. You can count on us to only discuss its business applications, along with education on its risks and problems. This is a tool, and we want to ensure it is used correctly. We’ll focus more on building a website, creating emails for customers, understanding the target market and the variety of advertising options available for privately run companies.